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rearranging formulae: unwrapping books


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Bookmarks V11

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The Surgeon of Crowthorne, Simon Winchester

A.Ralphs Bookmarks  V11


100 Bookmarks VII,


10 sets of 10. Recycled Paper/Epson Ink Jet.


exactness, imposed measure and approximation.


Bookmarks are inspired by The Surgeon of Crowthorne, Simon Winchester, which tells the story of Dr Minor who, although confined to Broadmoor, travelled freely through his personal book collection and contributed to the making of the Oxford English Dictionary..


Oxford University Press very kindly gave me access to their archives for the OED, in particular some of the amazingly rich and detailed correspondence between Dr Minor and James Murray who, over several decades, directed the Dictionary project from an early stage to near-completion of the first edition.


Bookmarks made from photographs from the original stacks of correspondence and  special slips on which Dr Minor transcribed many examples of word usage in his minute handwriting.


These scruffy bundles tied with string are evidence of  the unusual relationship between the two men, from which came a vital contribution to a highly ordered and structured reference book.  

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