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ralphs grit sound
ralphs stencil 1
ralphs grit 2
ralphs stencil 3
ralphs fold 1
ralphs dorset landslip

Research for an exhibition in 2011 Disappearing Walks at the Philpot Museum, Dorset, where coastal landslips are common and the size and shape of the pebbles determines where you are on the beach.



Experimental sound recordings created by inter-particle friction including those experienced when walking on different textures

combine with,geological maps, computer generated sonic diagrams and found materials.


An interest in mapping the mundane drew me to the acoustic warning system for landslide prediction designed at Loughborough University by Neil Dixon. Sound sensors monitor minute movements of angular material,grit.


Elements of this work will be included in an exhibition

about soil, 'Boden – der Stoff aus dem die Farben sind', in Germany 2012.







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